About Us

The Cafe Sports story….

Dave & Heather Russell opened Café Sports in January of 1997 in Perry, Michigan and operated the popular sports bar for five years.  In 2002, Dave and Heather sold Café Sports to Dave’s sister and brother-in-law, Michael & Kelly Morse.

It had long been a dream of Michael to own and operate a restaurant of his own.  Since purchasing the sports bar in 2002, Cafe Sports has grown considerably and has made many changes over the years.  A destination for many people in the area, it developed a great loyal customer base.  We extend our thanks to our wonderful customers!  We wouldn't be able to do it without you!!

Over the years Café Sports added many new large flat screens and games, including club keno and pulltabs.  Our expanded outdoor volleyball leagues now play two nights a week with 32 teams.  In 2013 the patio was remodeled with a new outdoor bar.

In 2013 Michael and Kelly were able to realize another dream.  Because of the success of Café Sports in Perry, Michigan, they were able to open a second location in Corunna, Michigan.  Café Sports in Corunna is much larger venue and seats 170, with additional seating for 40 on the outdoor patio.  It is also a sports-themed restaurant and boasts 21 large screen TV’s.  Live entertainment is also available for your enjoyment.

Born and raised in Bay City, Michigan, Michael received a bachelor’s in finance from Central Mi
chigan University in 1989.  After graduation Michael worked as a accountant and in the real estate field.  Kelly grew up in Perry, Michigan and received her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University in 1991 and a master’s degree from CMU in 1993.  They married in 1993 and have two children, Madison and Spencer.

Michael and Kelly are very active in the community, donating both their time and resources supporting school, sports and local activities.